Female Health Problems in Jalandhar

Due to High tech Lifestyle, Environment issues, or age factors Females face many health issues such as Infertility, PCOS, Premature Menopause, miscarriage and so on. Female Sexual issues or dysfunctions cannot be taken lightly as it can affect internal organs also. All the Female Sexual issues can be cured completely if you will get result oriented treatment. To cure all the Female Health Problems in Punjab, we provide 100% Natural, effective and affordable treatment under the professional team of doctors.


Female Health Issues Types and Causes:

Many women face lack of sexual desire, Infertility, Premature Menopause, and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome etc due to Problems in Internal organs. The Causes may be hormone disorder, depression, drug & alcohol consumption, tiredness or low levels of testosterone.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome – When you start to weight gain, excessive hair growth on body and face, absent/irregular periods, miscarriage or infertility if you are married, absent ovulation than you may have PCOD. This Syndrome can further lead to dangerous diseases such as diabetes, cancer, etc if not treated.

Premature Menopause – Menopause at 50-55 is normal, but it is not normal if you are having menopause before the age 40. The main causes of premature menopause can be ovaries failure, Genetics, Chromosomal abnormality, ovarian antibodies, infections in ovarian.

Miscarriage – Miscarriage or Recurrent miscarriages due to abortion or sudden bleeding followed by cramps in lower abdomen can further cause to infertility. There can also be other reasons that can be finding after the tests. To manage the miscarriage to avoid any problems in future get effective treatment at Female Health Problems in Jalandhar.

Infertility – Not getting pregnant! It can be Infertility. There are many causes for the Infertility such as age factor if you are aged between 35-40 or over 40, irregular or lack of menstruate, painful periods, Polyps in the Uterus, Endometriosis or fibroids, multiple miscarriages, diagnosed with cancer or pelvic inflammatory disease.

Other Health Issues – If you are facing any kind of bladder infection, lack of sexual desire, breast problems/cancer, Thyroid Problems, or any other sexual disorders, we provide treatment, Female Health Problems in Jalandhar, to cure it effectively.


How do we treat?

Firstly, we provide Consultation from the experts to the infertile couples who are facing difficulty in achieving a pregnancy or women with other sexual health problems. We listen and discuss you’re the problem you are facing.

Secondly, we do necessary tests to treat Female Disease, We diagnose with ultrasound scan, Laparoscopy, Test to check Blood Hormone level or any other necessary tests under the guidance of expert doctors.

Then, after knowing the exact causes we start effective treatment at affordable price and also give advice about general health and preconception health at the same time.

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