We are Providing Consultation, Knowledge and Treatments for the Followings:
1. Leucorrhoea / White Discharge – The discharge coming from vagina as a result of any infection, malignancy or any hormonal changes.2. Blockage of Fallopian Tubes- It prevents successful passage of the egg (ovum) to the sperm or the fertilized egg to the uterus.3. Menstrual Irregularities – Sometimes women have problems in their menstrual cycle. They may not get periods, get periods too frequently , have unpredictable menstrual bleeding, or may have painful periods.

4. Ovarian Cysts – Ovarian Cysts are sacs filled with fluid, solid material or combination of both. They can be found inside or on the ovaries of a woman & they may be single or multiple and can be present in one or both ovaries.5. Uterine Fibroids – Uterine Fibrodis are Non-Cancerous tumours that can cause excessive bleeding.6. Ovorian Fibroid Cysts – Fibroid Cysts on ovaries are very common , especially in women who are in their child-bearing stage.7. Hormonal Disorders/ Underdeveloped Sex Organs.

8. Uterine Cysts – These are called Nabothian Cysts and are found in the Cervix.

9. Anovulation/ Problem in Egg Formation – In this the ovaries do not release Egg (oocyte) in a Menstrual Cycle.

10. Loss of Libido / Low Sex Desire – Condition in which there is a low Sexual desire in the females.

11. Dryness of Vagina – Dryness of Vagina at the time of Act of Sex can cause Itching & Roughness.

12. Absence of Orgasm – Condition in which the person fails to reach an Intense Sensation of Pleasure or Sexual Climax.

13. Sexual Apathy – Totally unconcerned attitude of a person towards her Partner.

14. Sexual Depression – It is a Mental State in which a person consider her Sexuality – Boring, Passive & Gloomy.

15. Lack of Confidence / Hestitation to have Sex – Condition in which a person feels afraid of Sex.

16. Premarital & Postmartial Sex Problems.

17. Weakness after Having Sex or Masturbation.

18. Burning Vaginal Sensation after having Sex or Masturbation.

19. Pain During Sexual Intercourse / Dryspareunia – Pain during Sexual intercourse can be a warning sign of many Gynaecologic conditions that can lead to other problems if not treated.

20. Vaginismus – It is a condition where there is involuntary tightness of the vagina during attempted intercourse.