In this fast moving world, it is not difficult now to cure ‘INFERTILITY’. But for that one have to be diagnosed about the cause of Infertility. So proper counselling of the Married Couple is must for that. After counselling only the Doctor will diagnose that who is the cause of Infertility – Is that the Husband or the Wife. Because its not only the Women who will be the main cause of Infertility, Men can also be Infertile & there are many diseases that leads to Male Infertility.
Sexual Parts are the most sensitive part of one’s body, so avoid any sort of Surgical Treatments for the cure of diseases that lead to Infertility in Males & Females & after proper Diagnosis from a well Qualified Doctor, take the help of medicines first as medicines are the most ‘Safe & Sound’ mode of treatment & Medical Science is proving to be a ‘BOON’ for ‘Infertile Couples’.