Sex Sex Sex! Do you know that thinking about SEX 24/7 can make you sexually weaker in the long run? If you are among peeps who often get into such noose? Then worry not! Asking the experts or the pro will let you know that whenever we think more about sex or perform sexual activities regularly than such actions tend to downgrade the sex power of the person. As a result of which many of us suffer from sexual issues after marriage. So, me (Dr Asheesh Kapoor) today with this vlog will elucidate some effective ways by which you can get your mind out of regular arousing thoughts and our mind don’t get much pressurised and remain sexually fit. As the elders have said, “Man and the horse never gets old”, and the growing age is the symptom of getting weaker in sex. Whenever we will root our mind about 24 hours of sexual notions our body will get sexually down very soon. Here I will elucidate how to never think about sex regularly and instruct the mind that it never gets arousing thoughts constantly.

Whenever we see any porn video or any similar pictures or content related to nudity in our phone that bring sexual arousers in our body, we have to take precautions or divert our mind in such a way that it never thinks of watching similar content again. This can be done either by shutting down the cell phone or switching to any social site and playing a video game that will prove as a plus point in making living healthier in your sexual life. Moreover, when our mind thinks more about getting sexual pleasure it gives rise to an addiction called “Masturbation”, a problem that is quite common in youth nowadays. To get rid of masturbation we need to control our minds and understand the outcomes of over-masturbation. It’s well said that excess of everything is bad hence it is necessary to understand that over masturbation is not a pleasurable activity instead it can weaken the veins of the penis, reduced sperm count in the body, give rise to erection problems, less duration while having sex etc.

Additionally, many of you might have noticed that while thinking about sex regularly or getting thoughts related to sexual activities, the penis gets sticky. This stickiness or Pre-ejaculate on the dick is the sign of heat up in the liver of your body which not only internally heats the sperm but also lower down the sperm count and weakens the veins. Therefore, it is recommended whenever our mind gets arousing thoughts, try to divert the mind and think less about it.

Remember sex is a part of life but excess of everything is bad so more of the thoughts not only divert our mind but also downgrade our body sexually. Secondly, if you think you are getting addicted to masturbation try to engage yourself in activities like meditation or take a pledge of adopting “Chaliya” so that your addiction towards sexual activities lessens. Deciding to take part in other activities will help in getting rid of addiction-related too bad activities. The more stability a person will have, the more time he/she will have to stay fit in terms of sexual, physical, and mental health. Paying attention to such minor activities will finally help us to remain healthy and think positively.

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